Fixtures & Results

The rules

  1. Each manager competes with a 5-a-side team, selected from your current roster.
  2. The team is made of a goalkeeper, four outfield players, plus one substitute.
  3. All five players, plus the sub, must appear on your roster at the point where the corresponding HFL Gameweek ‘locks’. If not, their score will not count.
  4. Substitutes will only contribute if one of the five active players makes no appearance in the Gameweek.
  5. In the event of a nominated active player having a double gameweek, only the score in their first game will count (whether that is the first or second ‘real life’ game in the DGW).
  6. You may resubmit your lineup as often as you like – but the most recent submission at the time of lineup ‘lock’ will count.

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