In 2004, I left school with science and maths A-Levels, so the obvious choice was a Film degree. My qualifications and career progression was similarly non-linear from thereon in: teacher training, then youth work, then filmmaking and event production, then a role in West Africa as a communications officer, then social media, then finance, and now operations management. And another BSc in design.

Look. My wife is both a saint, and an organisational ninja.

Here are a few of the things I’ve tagged along for.


Danja Hospital (2011)

Maza Tsaye (2012)

A Forfey Postcard (2011)

I Value The Arts (2011)

Noir (2007)

No Alibis (2006)


Build (2010 – 2013) [directed/edited/camera (different years)]

StratagemTV (2011) [directed/edited/camera]

Refresh Belfast (2014) [directed/edited]

Anatomy of Design (Episodes 1-3, 2013) [camera]

Shoeboxes and Stripes (2009) [camera/edited]

Church21 (2010 – 2011) [directed/edited/camera (various episodes)]

Music Videos


Valley of Angels (Promotional and Music series, 2011)


The Hub Belfast [website/rebrand/publicity]

Hannah McPhillimy [consultancy/publicity/web services]

All Saints Church, Tullylish [website]

Kildress Parish [website]

SIM Niger [website/branding]


The Lawkit (4 issues, 2011)


DesertHueys: A Year in Niger (2011)

Mediatree (2007 – 2012)

PetesWayUK (2003 – 2009)


Rock The Vote NI [Launch/publicity]

N.I. Local Elections 2014 – Candidate databases

MyCityRealWorld: Belfast (2014) [Event production/website/publicity]


Gracey’s Meat Hygience, 11th Ed. (2015) [Image setting]


T in the Barn (2008) [Hosted a one-day festival]

Dirty Secrets

MidnightNoiseConspiracy (2005 – 2007)

Solitude: On The Record (2006)

A Shaggy Dog’s Tale: The Reflections of Puddles T. Dawg (2008)

Patrick (2007)

Patrick: The Acceptance Video (2007)

Graeme Smyth: By Popular Demand (2009)

GSFTW: Mr Smyth At Christmas (2009)

Rage (2006)

Doublecross (2002)

Discarded (2001)