“I don’t like being in front of people. Being in a character, I could get on stage and talk for half an hour. Like, my biggest fear is being at a big dinner party, and someone be like, ‘Kristen – tell that story about…’

and then I just immediately go in to the sweats.”

Kristen Wiig

I’ve long held to the theory that we all play characters in our lives.  Perhaps, like me, you might feel like you play characters in many aspects of life: particularly in work and social situations, I feel like I improvise my way through most days.

I’m fortunate to have friends who make me laugh like crazy – but even with them, I wonder: how often am I truly me?

I was just watching this episode of the beloved Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, and I completely identify with how Kristen Wiig feels.

I wonder if it is exacerbated by social media? Do we invest so much time in crafting our presented selves online, that we become more and more protected and insular of our true nature?

Or maybe Lucy’s right as usual.