Working part time for Public Achievement on the project WIMPS (Where Is My Public Servant?), I found something missing in the conversation around the 2014 local elections in Northern Ireland – a similar database or spreadsheet containing every candidate.

After popping in to Alan in Belfast‘s #OSBelfast election surgery workshop, I was feeling foolhardy enough to try and plug that gap. In a day. (It took about seven hours to retrieve and process 906 records.)

Anyway, here’s the stuff – notes below. I’ll probably try and add to what’s here if I get the chance to start playing with associated data.


Local Government Elections – Northern Ireland (2014)

Local Election Candidates (NI) 2014 (.xlsx, 45KB)

Electoral Areas (NI) – Council/DEA/Ward (.xlsx, 16KB)

 Seats per DEA (.xlsx, 12KB)

Proportion of Female Candidates (by party) (.xlsx, 40KB)

Gender of Candidates, by DEA and Council (.xlsx, 16KB)

Feel free to reuse and abuse (as long as it’s not for evil) – but why not tweet me and let me know what for?

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