Whatever else comes out of the aftermath of the recent election across the pond, I think one thing I found particularly interesting was the strength of the Democratic ticket’s brand.

Campaign branding is an interesting, sometimes mind-boggling thing (shout out to Nixon Now). Hillary for America’s symbols illustrated just how far the most scalable, adaptable branding can go. Simplicity seems to be key in allowing the imagery to sit comfortably in almost any context.

…a great brand system is modular and adaptable. It can move and shift to align itself with the requirements of the problem being solved. A great brand system is a playbook that can be referred to over a period of time to build equity.

–  Stewart Scott-Curran

I’m realising the real challenge when involved in curating a brand is not just thinking of all the contexts in which that branding might appear – but anticipating other contexts that we haven’t even thought of yet.